Please give it a rating: I don’t write production code in Javascript, so others on the list will be better at the particulars and issues with Javascript classes. If you know what we should change to make it correct, please tell us: Static Methods Destroy Removes a gameobject, component or asset. To help users navigate the site we have posted a site navigation guide. SendMessageUpwards Calls the method named methodName on every MonoBehaviour in this game object and on every ancestor of the behaviour. Description You can also use Generics to instantiate objects.

unityobject js

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Unity User Manual Pass false to set the Object’s position relative to its new parent.

Unity – Manual: WebGL: Interacting with browser scripting

Thanks for letting us know! Although Object is a class it is not intended to be used widely in script.

unityobject js

If you have time, you can provide more information to help us fix the unitgobject faster. Here is a brief example: This page has been marked for review based on your feedback.

Unity – Scripting API: GameObject

You can notify unityobbject user about this post by typing username. Please tell us more about what’s wrong:. It might unityobect a Known Issue. If you know how to fix it, or have something better we could use instead, please let us know:. Depending on how your game is built and hosted, there are several different ways to load the JavaScript API for use with Unity: And thank you for taking the time to help us improve the quality of Unity Documentation.



Please check with the Issue Tracker at issuetracker. However as an example Object is used in the Resources class. You’ve told us this page has unclear or confusing information.

If you know how to fix it, or have something better we could use instead, please let us know:. It doesn’t happen in the demo, but it should work. Please tell us what’s wrong: You’ve told us there is a spelling or grammar error on this page.

Thanks for letting us know! By default the parent of the new object will be null, so it will not be a “sibling” of the original.

Any public variable you make that derives from Object gets shown in the inspector as a drop target, allowing you to set the value from the GUI. In this unifyobject, we instantiate our Missile object again, but by using Generics we don’t need to cast the result: Please tell us more about what’s missing:.


Is that just not possible in unity?

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WebGL instance renamed from gameInstance to unityInstance in If you’d like to help us further, you could provide a code sample, or tell us about what kind of code sample you’d like to see: Please tell us more about what you found unclear or confusing, or let us know how we could make it clearer: Consider a class as a template for an object.

To access the script component on a GameObject obj, try this: It might be a Known Issue. The active status of a GameObject at the time of cloning will be passed on, so if the original is inactive then the clone will be created in an inactive state too.

unityobject js

Please tell us more about what’s missing:. Note the use of the Application.