Showing 1 – 9 of 9 comments. Dou you start the correct executable? Does it still have the unique feature of applying lighting to torch flames and other objects that are supposed to be fullbright? The below image shows the issue. A few years back I went on a Hexen binge and rebuilt the wads and FDG to try to be as complete as possible. To rectify this, the GLHexen2. Mill Key on hardest difficulty.

uqe hexen 2

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The only real way around that is to recreate half of hexen2’s content from scratch and no, grabbing stuff from AD etc heexn NOT a viable solution. From what you’ve experienced this is primarily a BSP compiler issue?

First Previous Next Last. Actually, it looks like I was a bit confused. Feb 27, 2: All Windows-only I guess no use for yqe right now, I am on a Mac I think I’ve come to agree with Sock that since the Quake community is more vibrant and Quake engines more sophisticated and maintainedthere’s more chance of a good Hexen-style Level or Mod homage for Quake than a revival of H2 itself.

I did try to change things in the game, and even add command parameters to the launch file, but nothing seemed to change. It’s still being sold. Are They Any Good? Trenchbroom has a proxy one which has most of the stuff implemented.


UQE Hexen II v1.15 Released!

See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals hexsn to you. Does it still have the unique feature of applying lighting to torch flames and other objects that are supposed to be fullbright?

Maybe next playthrough I’ll try to mess with uqe again but for now. This reduces the blurriness of textures hexxen a comfortable midway point between the pixelated look of the original software renderer and the excessively blurred look of the hardware renderer.

I haven’t been able to find a contact e-mail, so I’m hoping you might see this here.

uqe hexen 2

Could, hypothetically, Hexen 2 be “rebased” as a straight Quake mod, perhaps with some small extensions to the Q engines some of which might already have been done? Some things may not work as they should or don’t work at all. Just make your own BAT file if you want to set different command line params for width and height. You can also use the nice CD audio music if you own it as mp3 or ogg, by setting music type to “mod”.

It would be interesting to do a collaboration sometime to either complete that, or work on different Hexen project. I can’t find any support boards directly related to UQE, but I submitted an email to hexxen receives them at the site linked to above. The engine were compiled using Visual Studio Update 3 and should run great for old-school gamers running on modern hardware.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. To rectify this, the GLHexen2. An Alternative To Hubs.

uqe hexen 2

This produces a much smoother and sharper view of the world. The ability to render the world in wireframe mode were added.

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Someone zipped up there H2 directory with a bunch of mods. The first map doodle was a Meso map I had spent time on a number of years back uqf hadn’t continued. Thanks for the news. When asking about this on the QuakeOne forums, I received the following response: Some models for torches and magical nexen that emit light were not properly lit themselves have been fixed.

UQE does support external textures if you can find a proper 3rd party texture pack.

uqe hexen 2

This was due to finding out that previously released packages were missing a lot of content. The below image shows the issue.