Chinese Daydream, part 1 3: Forum user Forum password. Vesikko, part 1 4: I must admit; I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Uzva ‘s Uoma , the third and presumably final album of their career. Kuoriutuminen, part 3 5:

uzva uoma

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It never gets chaotic. An aggressive passage before 4 minutes. I must admit; I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Uzva ‘s Uomathe third and presumably final album of their career.

uzva uoma

Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. All instruments are used very thoughtfully and economically. The compositions have given up some uzfa their atmosphere for the sake of demonstrating skills we already knew Uzva were capable of.

Regardless whether the changes were favourable enough, that is a feat in itself. This album is as relaxing as an autumn breeze – only briefly do you sense a storm front brewing, like on the last track. Most of all, Uoma succeeds in bringing the talent and tightness of Uzva to the forefront.

Now don’t go ahead thinking this’ll have the same manic tempi and brute power of The Softs, because that is certainly not the case.

Uzva – Uoma

Do you have the artwork for this album? Studio Album, 4.

uzva uoma

The album’s middle movement “Afrodite” is arguably the best of the three; uoa helped a great deal by its uzga atmosphere and focused attention on melodic lines.


The arranged compositional parts are strongly tied with European classical symphonic music, containing space for more free jazz elements and rock instrumentation jam sequences, and visiting different culture’s folk uzvaa like European classical music also often doesdelivering strong association uuoma peaceful and ideal pastoral scenes. Part 1 opens with the birds chirping while vibes, drums then bass comes in. Kuoriutuminen, part 2 6: It may have been as engaging as Niittoaika too, if it had anything else to offer on top of that.

I have no doubt that some will see Uoma as the strongest offering by Uzva. Uzva is a finnish experimental jazz-rock band.

There’s no doubt that Uoma is a technical triumph beyond its predecessors- it took two years to record this album, and the instrumental wizardry Uzva only ever implied they were capable of on past albums takes a strong role in Uoma.

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Part 2 uoms some great drumming as yoma violin come to the fore. Kuoriutuminen, part 3 5: Chinese Daydream, part 1 3: The technical interplay is certainly here, but Tammikuinen Tammela is held back by how restrained and lacklustre the music often sounds in spite of the obvious technical skill. This Uzva album is more intense than their debut but less intense than their 3rd album, wich has more heavy guitar and drums. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

uzva uoma

No release results – showing artist results instead. Inka Eerola – violin Antti Hermaja – trombone Discography: Uzva ‘s second album Niittoaika ranks among uooma more promising albums I’ve heard lately. I don’t believe I’d be making such a far stretch in calling Tammikuinen Tammela an example of ‘lounge prog’; while Uzva are clearly capable of pulling off instrumental complexities of a Gentle Giant uomz King Crimson nature, they purposefully keep things mellow and light for the most part.


While there were times even during Niittoaika where I might have wished to hear uzvs more explosive, I think the restraint did more good than harm; above anything else, it set them apart from the legions of equally skilled fusioneers that weren’t afraid to strut their skills.

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UZVA Uoma reviews

Ever since the early 70s this country has been uomx out a regular swirl of progressive acts – often taking their cue from the psychedelic whims of the Floyd, the avantguarde and perhaps even more so the playful loony-bin energy from the British town of Canterbury.

Part 2 has a fuller sound with heavy drums and lots of violin. It settles somewhat again. The flute becomes prominant as well. The birds are back!