Jupiter —Blessing Of the Future. Mr — Highway dance performance. Chang min with Super Junior. Video Collections Per item costs: MK MF Live SJM — Me Chinese version, subs.

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CN Blue — Love. Jung Mo, Immortal Song EXO — K — Mama version 2, 5 min. Tasty — Mamama subs.

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Yang Yoseob — Caffeine. VIXX-Eternity drama and dance vers. The Raid — Judgment. Jp3 — Problem Solver. KPop Live Clips Volume 8, approx. Locus — Of Which of Fall Color. Boa — Only You. Comeback special — Rising Sun, Babo Unforgettable, C Clown— Music Bank Cross Gene — Profile, 11 min.

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Wonder Girls — Like Money. Lucifer rock version JaeJung — One Kiss 1. Eat You Alive — Lily. Lay of EXO dancing5 min.


Dolly — Moonlight Disco.

B 1A 4 — Crush lyrics only. Chang pm3 — Upon This Rock. C clown — Faraway Young Love Kangjun version. Versailles — Masquerade Kamijo ver. Crimson Shiva — Demon Garden.

vaniru zakuro mp3

Sadie — Crimson Tear. MK MF Live Xander — Hong Kong 8. Screw —Genei no Kusari subs. Buzzlip — Wild Rock Saiyuki Reload theme.

vaniru zakuro mp3

Boyfriend — I Yah. Deluhi — The Farthest.

Infinite — Come Back Again drama version. Annabyss Coast-Float, Ruined Requiem. Heechul 3, 4 min.