This page was last edited on 19 September , at Fast, Free, But for Me? There are three other notable open source simulators. Verilator may not be the best choice if you are expecting a full featured replacement for NC-Verilog, VCS or another commercial Verilog simulator, or a behavioral Verilog simulator for a quick class project we recommend Icarus Verilog instead. It is part of the growing body of free EDA software. Verilator has seen its widest adoption in the academic and open source communities.


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Intro – Verilator – Veripool

In DEC released the source code. Open source Verilog simulation with Cocotb and Verilator Published: Getting started with the project is really easy.

Retrieved 13 March Verilator is now used within academic research, open source projects and for commercial semiconductor development. Since the technology has been developed by Wilson Snyder and others as part of the Veripool open source project. Retrieved from ” https: Verilator supports automatically partitioning designs into multiple threads, also potentially improving performance.

Jun 6 Topics: But so far Verilator – another one of our tools of choice that also integrates with our Renode functional simulation framework – has not been on that list. The Fedora Electronic Lab [4] has adopted Verilator as part of its open source design flow for Fedora Retrieved 24 September By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Views Read Edit View history. Verilator’s user manual provides a short history. Related to our joining of verilatorr CHIPS Alliancean organization which aims to push for verified end-to-end open source silicon designs based on open tooling, together with our fellow CHIPS Alliance and RISC-V Foundation member Western Digital we were looking at how to foster collaboration across different but neighbouring communities, and integrating Cocotb with Verilator seemed like verilatir ideal pick.


Since this is a cycle-accurate model, all intra-cycle delays are ignored.

Open source Verilog simulation with Cocotb and Verilator

Cocotb tesbenches are implemented in Python, which is a very productive language with a much wider adoption than all of the HDLs combined that provides a plethora of libraries and functionalities which come in handy when writing more complicated testbenches.

Verilator Verilator is one of the fastest Verilog simulators on the market, and a fairly old member of the growing family of open source EDA tools. The semiconductor industry has been more cautious in its adoption of an open source tool, and has the financial means to use commercial alternatives. Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator, and outperforms most commercial simulators. Archived from the original PDF on 20 August Cocotb itself does not simulate the designs, but rather uses external tools to run the RTL simulation – there is a wide variety of simulators to choose from, including proprietary and open source options.

Verilator is an open source tool, and has in turn been adopted by a number of other projects.

As a consequence, the verilatof typically offer higher performance than the more widely used event-driven simulatorswhich can process the entire Verilog language and model behavior within the clock cycle. Verilator may not be the best choice if you are expecting a full featured replacement for NC-Verilog, VCS or another commercial Verilog simulator, or a behavioral Verilog simulator for a quick class project we recommend Icarus Verilog instead.


Verilator – Wikipedia

Fast, Free, But for Me? Now on to upstreaming the work!


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Another x speedup might be gained from multithreading yielding x total over interpreted simulators. Here’s how Verilator in single-threaded mode stacks up to some of the other commercial and free Verilog simulators: TAGS 4k allied-vision-cameras android autosar axiom chisel cloud computer-vision cortex-a cortex-m4 cortex-r data-modul-screens deep-learning dma dover-microsystems edgetpu embedded-world enclustra enclustra-soms events fpga gdb google gui hifive hifive-unleashed i-mx7ulp i-mx8 intel jetson jetson-nano jetson-tk1 jetson-xavier linux litex machine-learning mcu mi-v microchip microsemi mipi-csi-2 movidius neural-networks nvidia nxp open-hardware open-source openembedded partners picorv renode risc-v rocket sifive skywall spinalhdl tegra tensorflow tk1 toradex triple-modular-redundancy tsn tx1 tx2 ultrascale verilator verilog vexriscv video-processing xilinx zephyr zynq.

The resulting trace is written into a vcd file and can be viewed by e. Hopefully if Verilator does not suit your needs one of the others may: