All the musicians in this band are exceptional, however. Votum – Metafiction review. Votum have released an interesting album, that basically sounds easy, but holds a lot of listening experiences for a long time. More reviews by Doc G. It sounds like “Damnation” 5 minutes in.

votum metafiction

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It won’t start a revolution in progressive music, but it’s definitely a creation of a band which really knows what they’re doing. Even the lyrics are some horror story about murderer or smth. Editor and founder of Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

Votum – Metafiction – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Not a good start. If your ears don’t like to be rubbed the wrong way, you will enjoy this album because it won’t mess with your hair often. Instead, the tracks slip through one ear and out the other back into obscurity. The bulk of the album contains sparse and atmospheric guitar work and keyboard soundscapes coupled with classic metal clean vocal style that is, at times, somewhat moving in its melancholic tone. Fine compositional work, good production and excellent performances.

Stranger Than Fiction 6.

votum metafiction

The things that actually stand out for me are not the good, but instead the bad. This is a great opening track that will really grow on you after 4 or 5 listens.

This does not pull the album down at all, although I will admit that during the first few listens I was wishing for some heavier songs. These words — They have bodies and faces They live. A much better tune.


Votum – Metafiction

Overall, this is an exceptional album that just missed “essential” status. The drummer is also to be commended. Same ambient-heavy ,etafiction with similiar riffs, solos and lots of ballads.

He clearly doesn’t lack any necessary skills, and he sings with a lot of emotion in all the songs, really bringing them to life. I would describe the music as melodic progressive metal with the sublime vocals typical of many Polish bands of the last dec Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Insomnium Heart Like A Grave. It might be just my personal view, but it definitely has mtafiction elements of both – great subtlety of instruments vtoum the illusion of peace from the former, the feeling of darkness and isolation from the latter, and the variety and importance of atmosphere of both.

At least in the debut album, that is. Yes, the tendency to aim towards ballads is obvious and yes, it disappoint me a teeny tiny bit.

votum metafiction

It is heavy at parts, breathy in some areas, and amazing as a whole. This is another great song that presents a lot of emotion, and it provides some great prog rock as well. Metafiction is a slow-burning album, taking a very mellow and spacey approach to songwriting.


votum metafiction

The album as a whole isn’t long a bit over 44 minutesand it’s structured in the “epic beginning and end” way, with both the opener Falling Dream and closer December 20th being the longest tracks here, both a bit over 9 minutes. Yes, this album is different than Time Must Have a Stop. The lyrics seem to be about man ruining himself, losing everything he loves.

Other than just progressive metal, it combines lots of different styles and ideas, perfectly changes mood throughout – starting from the cold, narrative beginning, to the monumental ending – and is a really memorable ending to the album.

I will certainly buy this immediately.

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If it demands what you call acquired votim, listen to it again and try to understand why others like it. The Shadow North American Tour 3. Sure, it has the necessary force and punch, but just doesn’t sound that good – I don’t know what exactly is the reason, but it’s the only significant weakness of the whole album.