It will not perform useful functions for naturally interlaced video such as that from a typical DV camera. If the movie being exported contains a single AAC audio track, then the audio track will be losslessly repackaged as an AAC file. SunPlus Software shipped with a number of low end digital cameras and webcams such as Aiptek’s Pocketcam digital still camera, Logitech’s ClickSmart and Mustek’s gSmart mini 2 use this format. Universal binary version 1. Similar to FRWD but without the alpha information. Press command-f to “find” within this page or use the contents above.

vp31 codec

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vp31 codec

Available in source and DLL forms. It can also demux an MPEG file. In Firefox Which you can download here on the first visit to the url of any mov file, paste in the URL of this mov file for instance: Rumour has it that this codec is downloadable from the Microsoft site somewhere.

vp31 codec

MP3 files with mpga fodec may not be recognized, change the extension to mp3. Install the player and the codec will become available to other multimedia applications.


The 2 last characters are spaces. See the following site for a php script that uncompresses the atom and changes the nsav flag.

Apple Intermediate Codec 1. Visit the links below to download videos from sites like: It also shows what I considered to be the relevant features all at once, with no tabbing between the different QuickTime Player panels. QuickTime often vp13 multiple components of a given type. You may also find some information at http: Codec filename is xanlib.

QT Codec Information – AwkwardTV

Info is allegedly obtainable from info beamaim. This component -may- have been bundled with older versions of Cleaner.

vp31 codec

These are not needed for playback as QuickTime has the decompressors built-in. What cocec WLT stand for? View the page source, copy the full URL of the movie.


Note that at the time of this writing, none of the Macromedia components are Universal Binaries that support Intel based Macs and thus it is necessary to force Safari to run within Rosetta on an Intel based Mac in order to use these plug-ins. In testing with QuickTime 7. True MPEG-4 files do not have any of these problems. Currently the exporter makes no attempt to preserve meta-data ID3 tags, etc.


The component name is the same for both the cofec and create versions. The format used in the AVI groups was rejected back in February Uncompressed Codec v1.


vpp31 Both the “Registered to: Playback support is FREE despite appearances http: Please someone give me a nice list. Based on libavcodec, see also FFusion codec. There’s a FAQ on this codec coec and it can also be downloaded from here. Can also be downloaded as part of the Gordian Knot Codec Pack. MPEG-2 main profile or 4: Video digitizer component for the MyTV system. Apple refers to these “advanced features” as “QuickTime Pro”. Vivo Plugin – This one is a Netscape 4.