It won’t actually effect the copy but if you drag something in front of the MFScopy window it will cease to update and you won’t know how far it has got until it finishes and updates the window once more. Your screen should look something like this:. You can do either with your new disk but for consistency you should probably mount it upside down as well. Tivo BOLT’s need 2. In either case you can safely ignore any warnings here.


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Here’s the old drive. You can change how much noise they make if you’re willing to sacrifice performance.

How to upgrade your TiVo HD with WinMFS

I had to make sure to run it as administrator, or the drives would not wknmfs properly. Then perform the drive upgrade as detailed below.

During our copy, we switched apps and from then on out our WinMFS session was a blank window with no status indication. Note that this approach only works with 4TB drives and you should read the warning below before proceeding.


Unfortunately, Comcast users lose out on the On Demand feature and the iPad remote app. The common denominator appears to be that they are running software version If you have a modern Tivo, purchased in wimmfs last 3 or 4 years and a new hard drive you do not need to worry about this. If it does not please let me know the specs of your motherboard and I will see if Linux support is available and can be added to the image. With the screws removed, the entire drive platform lifts out.


With an idle timer set at 8, TiVo HD’s typically will reboot continuously on power up.

(The Tivo)… it’s dead Jim! – Complaints Incorporated…

Double check that the drive report is the correct ‘NEW’ drive and if it is press ‘y’ and then enter. Why is this ad here? For the majority of people this step is unneeded and can be safely skipped.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hopefully though it completes successfully and you can the new drive back into your TiVo and it should magically start working again. You can find these at Home Depot for about a buck or two or you can order online from Amazon.

If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Updated Sept 25th – Update hard drive listing including new, more reliable, Tivo Bolt hard drives. Reattach the cables, place the lid back but on and screw it in place. Here’s an example from Amazon and here’s a kit with all sizes.

We’re not ones winnfs shy away from the command line, but we took the opportunity to try out something that might have a Don’t worry about this. Remove the stickies holding the drive cable in place, remove the single drive mount screw and you can remove the existing hard drive.


How to upgrade your TiVo HD with WinMFS

If you are planning to upgrade a TiVo Bolt, Roamio, Premiere, HD or Series 3 that currently has an external drive connected then you will need to remove this drive before attempting the upgrade. If you try a 5TB drive and it works please let me know.

Connect the old drive to your winnmfs and boot it up. This site uses cookies. Here’s the top right bolt. If that does not work you can also get the BOLT enabled version herebut I encourage you to try to register to download it from the TiVo community thread first in case there have been any updates.

Upgrading Your TiVo HD Using WinMFS

Then shutdown your PC and remove the drive. Updated Jan 12th – Clarify recommended hard drives and updated model numbers. Make sure to Run As Administrator:.

The procedure is self explanatory. After rebooting your TiVo, going through guided setup again you should find the apps are fully working.