Versatile Mage Chapter Either you play and die, play and survive or refuse to play and die when your credit for staying in the wonderlands runs out. Scanlators should ignore them altogether. She visits his apartment again only to find out that he has moved out, then encounters Jin again. Homeroom teacher Akiko Aoshika walking home drunk , suddenly trips and is saved by Akira Inugami who then proceeds to walk away. Views Read Edit View history. In fact, by the end it’s just a regular guy fighting the yakuza, because of a cheaply used plot device that makes it impossible for him to use his powers.

wolf guy ookami no monshou manga

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I am glad it was a wise decision, i avoided all that frustration comes after finishing it.

Wolf Guy – Ookami No Monshou Manga |

Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from September All articles needing rewrite Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia requested photographs of anime and manga. Iryuu – Team Medical Dragon. He is the main antagonist in the manga. Aoshika insists that Inugami writes his name on the board as his introduction to class. Could have gotten a much higher rating had it actually had a real antihero. Either you play and die, play and survive or refuse to play and die when your credit for staying in the wonderlands runs out.


Started out pretty good.

Wolf Guy – Ookami no Monshou 057 – Page 6

Its a piece of trash by all means. Chiba admits to being very afraid of Haguro, comparing him to a lion after he witnessed him beating a professional boxer. I can swing with the werewolf thing, but such lawlessness in a Middle School without a Zombie Apocalypse does not mwnga well with me. It really is frustrating as monshoou. The Smiling Haguro Jan Ryuuko becomes wrathful and envious when she finds out Inugami will only have sex with her to save Ms.

wolf guy ookami no monshou manga

Since then, he has been loyal to Haguro and his father. Sure some crazy hentai perves would enjoy such a part.

He is taken to a private research center in Arizona after killing Haguro and is experimented on with apparently no hope of escape, but in the last few panels Akira breaks the bonds holding him, implying that he will eventually escape and reunite with Akiko in Alaska. Known as “The Villainous Wolf” in the reporting field. Monwhou beat the shet out of him.

wolf guy ookami no monshou manga

Inugami defeats them with the help of the new moon having turned into a full moon. Young Sorcerer Master Chapter Aoshika faints soon after witnessing it.

wolf guy ookami no monshou manga

He did not know that Haguro was the one who killed him. Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? SFX are part of the art and as such should be left in place, their translation being typeset in small size next to monxhou or on the margins as notes.


It should have ended at chapter However, it is also shown that the student council, who betrayed him following the shooting and caused him to leave school, are wracked with guilt over their actions following Inugami’s “death”. This teen wants a peaceful existence in school, so the first thing he does is take the schools Bancho’s seat and provokes one of his henchmen into a fit of rage.

About students they don’t seem like students at all. Inugami uses his physical strength and was able to break the chain, but suffers from massive blood loss. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Last updated on September 29th,8: What Happened Then Jan The story about Inugami, an arrogant, masochist prick of a werewolf, who likes to antagonise wolg, so he can get a beat down from them without mnoshou back.

She meets Jin, a reporter who oo,ami her about staying away from Inugami but she finds it difficult to do so as she feels she is falling romantically for him.