The latest pauses music, goes home and allowsthe phoneto go to sleep mode when the charger is off. Detailed information on each stop is alsoavailable. The creators of this app have no relationship with thesecompanies. Call withyour phone directly to real-time data of our schedule of more than2, stops from. Frontend contains a lot of otherinterestingand very useful features: With “wupsi live” You have departure times for all wupsi buslines at hand.

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Mit der Feedback-Funktion kannst Du mit uns schnell und bequem inKontakt treten. The application automatically ignored Blitzer in theopposite direction or off the track.

Drive safely and forget aboutthe speeding ticket! HF14 fhrplan live 3.

Radarbot offers the most reliable radardetector with traffic alerts in real time as well as a high qualityspeedometer in a single, powerful app.

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Just the app open and the next stops and theirdeparture times are displayed. APK Downloader Apps cats. You just need fahrpoan enter the stopcode you’ll see it at the bus shelter and you’ll be able to checkhow much time is left for all the lines that reach your stop, andtheir routes.

Fahrplan SVD Detmold

Frontend car launcher 1. Erfurt mobileat a glance: Don’t worry if you don’t know the stop code, you canalso select the stop from the map. With connection search, real-timetimetables and interactive route plan. With the map for theline and connection history you have your personal itinerary at aglance. Hold the next departures atstops in your area always in view – Stops search on the map or byname – Display of the stops in wupso area via GPS tracking – Livedepartures and additional current information for all lines of astop – Bookmarks for your individual settings you frequently usestops – Filter by lines Be the wupsi mobile and have your personalscoreboard everywhere – “live wupsi” with.


Call with your phone directly to real-time data frommore than bus stops in Leverkusen and Rheinisch-Bergischdistrict from. Using real-time information and an integratedroute-planner and incorporating disruption information as well asnetwork maps and points of interest POI ; qando utilises the mostup-to-date mobility information to give travellers the bestpossible companion for fahrpplan the go.

The Erfurt Transport Services wishes wupwi a good trip! The latest pauses music, goes home and allowsthe phoneto fagrplan to sleep mode when the charger is off. You pay by credit card visa, master card, Amex or bybank transfer.

Leverkusen, Busse

When, how and where… qando Linz can tell you. For questions or suggestions, please contact us atany time: Dabei werden Routenansagen und Blitzer-Warnungen gleichzeitigausgegeben! Data is obtained from these operators, and may beinaccurate. You canclick the pause button to stop the alarm function. Detailed information on each stop is alsoavailable.

Auch bei ausgeschaltetem Bildschirm erhalten Sie die Warnungen! Fahrplan MS kennt die Antwort. Die Anwendung ignoriert automatisch Blitzer inGegenrichtung oder abseits der Strecke.


Hold the next departures at stopsin your area always in view – Stops search on the map or by name -Display of the stops in your area via GPS tracking – Timetables andadditional current information for all lines of a stop – Bookmarksfor your individual settings you frequently use stops – Filter bylines – Route Planner nationwide on AVV Connect – Terminalinformation about the exact departure stop Be “mobile ASEAG” alwaysup to date with and have your personal scoreboard everywhere.

The alarm function sends youpush notifications with the details of delays, cancellations andservice disruptions. These trips can be displayed only with the scheduletime. With favourites andchoice of stopover and means of transport. Sube y ganatiempo, seguridad y eficiencia. Schedules, bus stops, routes, everything you need in oneapplication. Check the next Trains at your Station You can see an overview ofall trains at your station and check for delays Push-Alarm: Call withyour smartphone directly to real-time data from over 30 bus stopsin the districtVorpommern Greifswald from.