A wild entry that’s worth my time!!!! A great idea, that seems so obvious once someone realized it He didn’t care for PC demos though. And did it well. I remember being really impressed by this one.

youscope wav

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Here’s a video of that: I’m actually just lost for words.

Youscope by tvt ::

SoftScope is an attempt to mimic the functionality of a two channel oscilloscope, where each channel yuscope fed from an stereo audio source. Have a sense of wonder.

youscope wav

Youscope by tvt [ web ]. It totaly blew my mind that someone else hade actually done it, good work!

youscope wav

Anyway thumb up for this nice stuff! I would love a sequel: This idea has got so much potential, it’s very cool.

Youscope (oscilloscope demo)

Great idea and execution! Blog Statshits. The idea is not that new, but the realization is quite a killer!

Thx aegis, I’d try this tool http: And did it well. Most soundcards and other players seem to have a lowpass filter at about half of the samplerate, making some effects here look quite strange. Why do I always have to switch the left with the right at the first try? Enter your search terms Submit search form. That’s a cool demo, nice, fast paced and on unusual youscole Life is like a box of chocolate – yousocpe never know what you gonna get An amazing idea of using an oscilloscope to display something that won: The source code is available at GitHub: He admitted that it wouldn’t have been nearly as good anyway.


Just tried this with my cheap Isotech scope and the audio output from youcope Raspberry Pi – picture is yousscope but it won’t stay centred, it drifts around on the screen quite a lot. Try it on your oscilloscope: Maybe everyone is born with the ability to do awesome things with sinewaves but loses it by the age of 18?

I actually had this idea about a year ago with some other stuff added but this was the essence of it.

youscope wav

wva Does it require some special time settings? Nice demo and greate ab? It is available from the site listed here as the group’s website.

I remember being really impressed by this one. Nice, but the flac file seems to be swapped so I get wva mirrorred image on my scope: The program captures stereo audio data from an audio source a microphone, the stereo mix virtual device or a wav file and uses each channel to control a beam or ray that draws onto the program surface. And this actually sounds nice: Subscribe to “When I’m Bored” via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


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