BAR-ring any further interruptions. When built and deployed, the Spy Satellite Uplink completely removes the shroud, showing all locations on the battlefield and on the radar display. May 26, Posts: Yuri Prime is probably the least useless of all heroes, I’ll give him that. And it’s also the slowest.

yuris revenge 1.001 patch

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Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge 1.001 Patch

Their early ground units rely on speed, while their late game revengs notable for potent high-tech weaponry. Wish they would remove the 3 minute rule. They are physically weak and critically important, so keep them well-guarded. Jun 16, Posts: He has a sniper, the virus, which is better than the british sniper. BAR-ring any further interruptions.

yuris revenge 1.001 patch

Mirage tanks in numbers will chew through Rhinos and even Apocs. Battle Lab With the creation of the Siege Chopper, the Soviets now have quick strike capabilities from the air.

yuris revenge 1.001 patch

Russia have the tesla tank which isnt that good when you already have Rhinos and Apocs, better against men but one paradrop can kill one tesla tank easly. If any part of the covered area is revealed by the enemy, that area is quickly hidden again. The gatling cannong takes out aircraft very quickly, I really haven’t seen this.


Spy Satellite Uplink Cost: AlphaMeridian “Would liked to have seen Montana. What does your single chronotrooper do when I undeploy them and you now are faced with 10 initiates?

Yuri’s Revenge 1.001[EN] patch

Having one unmindcontrollable unit doesn’t really excite me all that much. Yuri’s Revenge Real Time Strategy. I was also hoping that some reason to play as anything other than the Americans might be given, but it hasn’t been. Whoever uses only 4 planes? Posted by z1vicuna at An IFV loaded with infantry could be made to look like a standard IFV by building a wall around it, then deploying it.

Spys and Secret Units. Yuri Prime can be cloned. All screens that might experience slow Internet connection now have an active indicator to inform the user that the system has not locked up during lengthy waiting periods. What are you talking about? Posted by zankeyev at Only one Weather Control Device can be built at a time per player.

It’s a decently fun game, although I gotta say, the Starcraft mouse-keyboard interface seems much more intuitive. Rather than using C4 charges to eliminate structures, Boris yiris able to call in an air-strike of MiG fighters to bombard any structure he targets with his laser designator.


Yuri’s Revenge [EN] patch [Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge] [Mods]

Sometimes, the Magnetron would become confused and continuously pick up and drop an enemy vehicle. Now, the client will time out and properly return to yurus lobby. Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge.

yuris revenge 1.001 patch

But they have to get elite first. Of course, to do this, you must capture an Allied opponent’s Barracks and Battle Lab. Once you build your barraks make 4 dogs and send one to each corner of the map.

Beng’s Laser Demo Nuke Mod version 3.