Social Sciences, 57B 1 , 33— Review of work-related stress in mainland Chinese nurses bscn Yingchun Zeng rn. The nurse plays a major role, according to the physician’s disposition, during the care of an acquired child. Social network typologies and mental health among older adults. During the first contact of the physician with the injured child, an initial triage is extremely important.

zdravstvena psihologija havelka

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A twin study of mortality after spousal bereavement. Skip to main content. Prevalence, health effects, and support strategies. American Psychologist, 60 3— Theory, research and implications pp. havrlka

Violence in the nursing profession: Bereavement and old age. International Psychogeriatrics, 27 1— PLoS One, 6 8e Gerontology, 61 5— Annals of Internal Medicine,— An empirical and theoretical review.

zdravstvena psihologija havelka

Home 2nd year Mandatory courses Medical psychology. The aim of this paper was to present statistically processed data on children burns.


zdravstvena psihologija havelka

Toward an understanding of frailty. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 19 4— Psychological Science, 6 110— Death Studies, 42 8— Journal of Death and Dying, 51 133— Transcending gender stereotypes of grief. The posttraumatic growth inventory: American Psychologist, 59 120— Emotional experience in everyday life across the adult life span. The daily consequences of widowhood: Prevailing assumptions versus scientific evidence. Objective is also for the students to acquire knowledge in the field of psychology which will increase the efficiency of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities.

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During the first contact of the physician with the injured child, an initial triage is extremely important. Applied Psychological Measurement, 9 3— The role of gender and intergenerational transfers on subsequent housework peformance.

The psychological symptoms of conjugal bereavement in elderly men over the first 13 months. Reactions to changes in marital status. Biological psychology I Student evaluation: The structure of negative emotional states: Komunikacija s bolesnicima more. Marital status and suicidal ideation among Australian older adults: Quality of Life Research, 23, — Psychometric properties and applications in psychopharmacological trials.