The installation guide lists a long set of instructions to perform but the blog, including the comments, suggest a much simpler course of action. Reply Reply Privately Options Dropdown. You really want 4. I agree with you that performing upgrades to Zenoss has always been problematic. Could not roll back JDBC transaction; nested exception is com. Unofficial Zenoss Deployment tool, which provides automated installation is available. As part of the install process, your Zenoss installation will be secured, and you will be asked if you would like to set a secure root password for MySQL.

zenoss core 4.2.4

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Upgrading Zenoss to on CentOS – Hazrul Nizam’s Journal

After the script completes successfully, use your favorite Web browser and head to port of your new server for example, http: Retrieved from ” http: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Already using persistent sessions or using custom session storage. The link to Hydruid’s Blog is dead! It was exactly my problem with the hubpasswd. Corre the upgrade is done!

Install Zenoss

If you need to re-run the script, note that you will need to use “yum zensos to remove the four MySQL packages installed. You will use the autodeploy script and zeonss the new version as documented at the end of the autodeploy section. Views Read Edit View history. Consult the forum article https: The Installation Guide will guide you through the process of installing Zenoss Core 4. ZenPacks [7] provide a plug-in architecture that allows community members to extend Zenoss’s functionality.


Upgrade install post step Zenoss upgrade complete.

Zenoss Core – Wikipedia

This can cause a problem when upgrading as you may find that the 4. Zenoss customers include government agencies, financial institutions, retail companies, service providers, and technology companies.

Can you please give coer a direct link? Date range cors this day between these dates. I am sorry I cannot help you with the event filter thing as I only use Zenoss for simple monitoring. Network management Free network management software Free software programmed in Python.

Open source systems management products are available from GroundWork Inc. You really want 4.

Please see the Zenoss Core 4 Release Notes for relevant information related to manual installation. If you would like to avoid installing certain ZenPacks, then remove the corresponding lines from this file and save it.

zenoss core 4.2.4

At this point, as I understand it, there will be some problems with passwords not matching in configuration files, because the auto-deploy scripts for both 4.


Please remove these packages, as well as their dependencies often postfixand then retry this script: In some cases your ZenPacks will fail to load after the initial install. Views Read View source View history. May have that old rpm somewhere but, although I am not a fan o To be sure, you might want to remove all of the following: Looking for an earlier version of Zenoss? I can’t handle that Can please help me in here.

Notable project milestones include:. See our Legacy Zenoss page.

zenoss core 4.2.4

Zenoss Core combines original programming and several open source projects to integrate data storage and data collection processes with a web-based user interface. The resources above have somewhat conflicting information about upgrading to 4.

Thanks again for this helpful post though.

zenoss core 4.2.4