Disable three multi-point interpolation for radiosity patch blending, use nearest point sample instead. Specify a file containing a list of entities to retexture with the NULL texture. Tiny brush faces are outright removed. It does partial name matching, is not case sensitive, and can also match directory names. This option is obsoleted by -wadinclude and is only left in to retain some backwards compatibility. Run program an altered priority level. For work on custom entity shadows added in MHLT 1.

zhlt tools

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The map can still be lit with HLRADhowever its quality and compile time will both suffer as a result. Manually specify a lights.

This means that by default, your clipnode counts will be lower than hools. The suite is based on the “q” tools, which came with the original GoldSrc software development kit.

VHLT – Valve Developer Community

Set number of radiosity bounces. Set direct lighting scale. Set the maximum visibility distance in units. In a VERC collective forum thread, Valve developers actually didn’t believe that the null texture had been implemented at first since they were unable to implement a no draw texture themselves!

ZHLT Compile GUI X2 [Goldsource Engine] [Modding Tools]

The placement of the entity no longer matters. Wrote optimisation faster vis code for the ZHLT 3. Low values make the world darker, higher values make it brighter.


Include all used textures into bsp. Sets the face subdivide size. As the sparse code does some compression, it zhhlt a lot of thread synchronization and does not scale well past 2 CPU’s.

ZHLT 3.4 Final (x86) ZIP file – Half-Life

Alter maximum texture memory limit. Run program an altered priority level.

This variable sets the ‘level’ to display. Do not scale radiosity patches with texture scale. Picked up where Zoner left off, Merl ‘s tools added extra functionality and became the official compile tools tlols Half-Life.

Note that the world will not be solid at all everything will fall into the void with this option set. The list of changes made by Zoner is here.

Zoner’s Half-Life Tools

It is dangerous to drop faces in this manner, as the BSP tree for the world can be unusable, or generate leaf portal errors or hall-of-mirrors vis errors. Do not show tool configuration information. Tols list of changes made by Merl is here.

zhlt tools

By the time the code gets to this point, all the data is precomputed, and extra bounces are very fast. This option zhhlt extra calculations during vis, which help reduce the number of vis errors in a map over a normal vis. Set custom lightdata maximum MB.


zhlt tools

Suggestion for the maximum number of brushes increase in the p5 build. They are a ” household name ” toosl half-life mappers.

Pointing out a simplification with the cliptype algorithm in the p13 build. This option scales the final light values right after the direct lighting layer is added to the radiosity bounced lighting layer.

zhlt tools

Disables redundant clipnode stripping. Even 4MB can be a bit much, when combined with model textures, skies, hud graphics, and more.

The brush numbers of the intersecting brushes and the percentage in which they intersect each other is displayed for each occurence. To zht the ZHLT tools are the shining example and one of the first of modders adopting an open source philosophy with respect to rewriting development tools, and creating a product of considerably higher quality than the original game company. Enable automatic wad detection.