Hello, ZHPDiag have there been downloaded from this site? No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Press Retry again, to skip this file not recommended , or abort to cancel the installation. The problem also appears on my computer, so I understood that the modem has been infected. I have a little trouble with this new version. Press Retry again, to skip this file not recommended , or abort to cancel the installation idem pour ZHPhep. Virustotal detects a threat:


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Hello Hubert, Go through the forum to try to solve the problem. And to make a script need not? I do not know how to use your software.


I think it is better to go through the forum: Cornel 22 September at 17 h 56 me Log in to Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment.

I make analyzes for years and there, surprise! ExotikAnimals 17 May at 13 h 33 me Log in to Reply.

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ZHPDiag is software that allows a fast and comprehensive diagnosis of the operating system. Zzhpdiag2.exe 4 June at 8 h 36 me Log in to Reply.

It does not install me the latest software but that of 4 January! ExotikAnimals 17 May at 15 h 36 me Log in to Reply. Hello, This is a false positive Bitdender!


Download ZHPDiag 2019

Cornel 23 September at 11 h 23 me Log in to Reply. In zhpfix he asks me information that I can not find. I rather regret that the old version and install diag fix, good it was then install ZebHelpProcess.

Nicolas Coolman 30 July at 12 h 36 me Log in to Reply. Too bad because I had a zhpdiag2.exee desire to test I have a blank page with noted above: And it blocks the use looks like unless zhpdkag2.exe the infection that sets the program: Hello, I downloaded the program advice 01Net Micro Hebdo but impossible to start the same time administrator. Do you have an idea?

ZHPDiag by Nicolas Coolman – Should I Remove It?

After some internet research I came across some forums where it is recommended to utilier ZHPDiag to find the problem, but it is followed by several steps that have confused me, I decided to speak to you directly. I have visited your site and try to download ZHP Cleaner but even removing Avast and my firewall … I can not access it.

Hello, Here several days I try to download ZHPDiag, impossible, it takes me to another page of your site and ditto, no download ; I do not think it comes as the Firefox problem occurred as well ds the latest version of Firefox 32 than the previous NicolasCoolman 16 March at 12 h 33 me Log in to Reply. Thank you in advance and good afternoon. Nicolas Coolman 23 June at 14 h 08 me Log in to Reply. I love the interface….



Congratulations and thank you to you, Salutations CC. NicolasCoolman 22 September at 20 h 25 me Log in to Reply. Theodupre 11 April at 14 h 50 me Log in to Reply.

Infections like computer viruses, rogueware, worms, and trojan horses are really harmful for the computer system, and that kind of error can be caused by these infections for the associated files or registries being modified and compromised. I installed 2 latest zhpdiav2.exe In terms of installed software fails to run, it happened to me yesterday, I solved it by logging in with another Windows user.

Hello, Here is my diagnosis report. Emmanuelle 27 April at 15 h 11 me Log in to Reply.