If you look at the pictures click them to get the full size image for the full effect the tower looks much more real as well. New pushback tractors New baggage carts New baggage loaders New pickup trucks New catering service trucks New passenger buses New sewage trucks New forklifts New fuel trucks Detailed night lighting for all airport vehicles Airport building enhancements include: My computer’s performance pre installation and after is exactly the same, and I tested it on various scenery complexity settings. This incredible package only updates your default airports and will not modify your favorite 3 rd party airports. I am from Central America, Nicaragua to be exact.

zinertek airport environment

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zinertek airport environment

Funny though did you guys ever stop to think howcome Microsoft never made all these add-ons for the game to begin with? New ground enhancements include: You can choose between 2 different texture zinerttek options and select whichever set is best for your system. Your default airports will no longer look dull and boring as this software will instantly modernize and upgrade all your small, medium and large airports throughout the world!

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. FSX Asking to load External application.

zinertek airport environment

Zinertek has a good option for finding a middle ground to this dilemma. It delivers on what it promises, and the most important thing I always ask myself, is my flying experience better because of it? I have a question for you guys tough February 21, HD Airport Graphics version 3. I really don’t know what percentage of our community is represented by us South Americans, I’m sure it’s not large, but if you count all of us who fly out of smaller airports I’m sure you will get a big number, hence a good market niche for someone willing to put an effort to create more credible small airports in the FS world.


Zinertek Technologies

New asphalt taxiways New tarmac and apron textures. Originally posted by pirateinparadise:.

zinertek airport environment

Now if you take a tour around the most important airports in Central America you will notice the same as in most of the FS world I’m sure that they are all the same.

That’s what I don’t know and regretfully zineftek not find in their web site, either way environmeht like they are coming with interesting options to make our FS world “as real as it gets”. Lows – Although it was a great effort in textures, the product might have been more complete if it helped overlooked airports more real. Showing 16 – 30 of 32 comments.

Zinertek Technologies

This package instantly modernizes all your small, medium and large xirport throughout the world! New radar towers and VOR stations. Reviews of other Zinertek Products: This product will bring a more detailed virtual cockpit with new HD textures, lighting, and backlit gauges! Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Another important thing to notice is that the new textures while bringing a stronger set of colors to the airports, emvironment become more alive once environmenf see them in the distance in an approach, especially at night. Terminal buildings come alive and look crisper, more detailed, and more alive. Your default FSX airports will no longer look dull and boring. Aside from that, the rest of your airports globally will feature HD terminals and spectacular night lighting along with the rest of the features listed in this product.


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Taxiways and tarmac surfaces have darker stronger colors to give a stronger impression of concrete, which makes the yellow lines stronger, shinier and easier to follow, especially at night. Jan 2, Repeat steps 3 and 5 to get HD Airports’ textures back. A while back I purchased some add-on planes retail version Can i use them on my steam edition fsx or no?

But I think it is necessary to point out that after probably FS5 not much has been done in modeling airports and the environment that surrounds an airport. Denitus View Profile View Posts. Detailed asphalt and concrete runways Ultra realistic runway seasonal effects snow and ice effects Ultra detailed parking spaces Detailed parking stains on the ground Detailed taxiway markings New concrete taxiways.

Readers who have the default scenary untouched will be able to appreciate the difference by the screen shots in this review.